Mahalo to the corporate sponsors, to the people and companies who donate their time, products and services, to the tireless volunteers, to the E.K. Fernandez Show and last, but certainly not least, to the tenacious Maui Fair Committees.

Administration Trailer
P.O. Box 485
Kahului, HI 96733
808-242-2721 (main line – operational from August – October only)
808-242-6934 (fax)

Maui Fair Board of Directors

  • Avery Chumbley
  • Floyd Miyazono
  • Wayne Hikiji
  • Mike Silva
  • Grace Ishii
  • Leinaala Kihm
  • David Anzai

Managing Director

2017 Fair Committee Chairpersons

  • Tara Sabado, Accessibility Coordinator
  • Lory Basa, Activities
  • Karey Kapoi, Activities
  • Linda Cabral, Administration
  • Colleen Antonio, Administration
  • David Thyne, All Hazard Incident Management Team
  • Brad Ventura, All Hazard Incident Management Team
  • Dancine Takahashi, Cashier & Quality Control
  • Gena Zablan, Cashier
  • JoAnn Nikaido, Cashier
  • David Anzai, Products & Services, Community Service
  • Wayne Maeda, Products & Services
  • Jon Omura, Electrician and WASA Electric Team
  • Craig Murakami, WASA Electric
  • Chris Davidson, Baby of the Year Coordinator
  • Jamie Cordoza, Parade
  • Alaka‘i Paleka, KPOA, Entertainment
  • Ke’van Dudoit, KPOA, Entertainment
  • Debbie Probst, H. Hawaii Media, Entertainment
  • Cindy Palos, KAOI Radio Group, Entertainment
  • Ashley Takitani Leahey, Entertainment Coordinator
  • Debbie Probst, Events Arena
  • Angie Haramoto, Exit Gates
  • Parrish Purdy,  Fire Prevention Bureau
  • Captain Paul Ha’ake,  Fire Prevention Bureau
  • Judy Kodama, RN, First Aid
  • Candyce Ornelles, RN, First Aid
  • Laurie Chock, RN, First Aid
  • Ryan Ishikawa, Food Concessions
  • Gary Wasano, Food Concessions
  • Duane Kim, Food Concessions
  • Ryan Shibano, Food Concessions
  • Floyd Miyazono, Grounds Coordinator
  • Wayne Rodrigues, Grounds
  • Paul Okubo, Grounds
  • Brian McCafferty, Grounds Service
  • Mike Silva, Gymnasium Coordinator
  • Mae Nakahata, Horticulture
  • Warren Watanabe, Horticulture
  • Tim Stevens, Horticulture
  • Sienna Yoshida – KSSA-Maui, Joy Zone
  • Glenn Berce, Livestock & Poultry
  • Chad Koga, Livestock & Poultry
  • Gabrielle Berce, Livestock & Poultry
  • Tauna Neerings – Girl Scouts of Maui, Lost Keiki
  • Bert K. Akitake MD, Orchidland
  • Rose Payba, Orchidland
  • Andy Okada, Orchidland
  • Sandi Amaral, Orchidland
  • Blossom Kawahara, Orchidland
  • Kili Namau’u – Pa Hale Hawaii
  • Randy Sherman, Photo Salon
  • David Schoonover, Photo Salon
  • Nagamine Photo Studio (Rick & Ty Shimomura), Photographers
  • George Kaho’ohanohano, Police Coordinator
  • Joe Arias, Public Address/Sound/Stage Lights
  • Carolyn Nishimura, Publicity
  • Autumn Wigley, Publicity
  • Gayle Fernandez, Tabloid Sales
  • Angie Abe, School Art
  • Wade Hondo, School Art
  • Rusty Conway, Event Staff
  • Teryce Dadian, Special Fair Day
  • Stacey Fukuda, Special Fair Day
  • Roy Katsuda, Special Fair Day
  • Kehaulani Feagai, Special Fair Day
  • Phyllis Kobayashi, Ticket Collecting
  • Kamehameha School Alumni, Ticket Collecting
  • Mike Yasak, Ticket Sellers
  • Lew Kawaa, Ticket Sellers
  • Lopaka Aiwohi, Ticket Sellers
  • Robert Joseph, Transportation
  • Kristine Kim, Robert’s Hawaii
  • Herbie Kamoku, Robert’s Hawaii
  • Somxay Thammas, Web & Graphics Department
  • Hobbies & Crafts Committee

*Subject to change without prior notice.